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Can eyebrows and eyelashes be tinted during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

In principle, application is possible. However, it is up to the client to decide whether she wants to forego treatments with chemical agents, such as head hair colouring, eyelash or brow tinting or even eyelash lifting. The manufacturer says the following about this:We have no information on negative effects from use during pregnancy. Please note, … Weiterlesen …

How long do plucking and tinting take?

The duration of treatment is very individual and depends on various factors. The following are some guidelines: Eyebrow treatment approx. 10 – 20min Eyebrows incl. tinting approx. 20 – 30min Eyebrows incl. tinting and eyelash tinting 25 – 35min Eyelash or eyebrow tinting only approx. 15 – 20min

What do I have to pay attention to after eyebrow or lash tinting?

Immediately after tinting, the colour sometimes seems very intense and darker. After the first wash, this will subside and the colour will be the desired shade. If not, you can always come by without an appointment and we will correct it for free (darken or lighten).

Are the treatments painful?

With thread hair removal, the hair is epilated, i.e. removed with the hair root. This means that the treatment is a little painful. We asked many of our clients: most of them feel about the same pain as with waxing. A small number of our clients experience less pain than with waxing and an even … Weiterlesen …

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