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Brow lifting at Lovely Brows. Here you can find everything you need to know.

Brow Lifting or also Brow Lamination is, in contrast to other eyebrow trends such as Microblading, not yet too well known in Switzerland.

Wrong, we think, and we will show you which look is possible with it and how brow lifting works with us.

Brow Lifting – treat yourself to the natural, bushy look.

Brow Lifting or Brow Lamination is an eyebrow trend from Hollywood that will soon be more popular than Microblading. The effect is natural and bushy and compared to other treatments cheaper and non-invasive… With color, the effect is even more intense for lighter eyebrows. The effect lasts about two to four weeks. We recommend plucking and shaping the eyebrows with thread at the same time as the lifting (this is charged separately at CHF 24).

with eyebrow coloring CHF 80

Pluck and shape eyebrows CHF 24
Upgrade nourishing eye mask CHF 10

Important info about Brow Lifting:

  • For the Brow Lift, it’s best to come in the morning or afternoon before 4 p.m.
  • Allow approximately one hour for the Brow Lifting procedure

Frequently asked questions
Brow Lifting

How long the lift lasts is very individual and depends on the thickness and texture of the eyebrows. On average, the lift lasts about four weeks.

The treatment takes about 50 minutes, with colouring about one hour.

Yes, in principle it is possible if you have enough of your own eyebrow hair. Just come by without an appointment and we’ll take a look at you free of charge and without obligation.

  • Come for the lifting preferably in the morning and plan an hour for the treatment.
  • We recommend an allergy test before the 1st treatment. You can have the allergy test done on site for free.
  • Depending on your eyebrows, the result of the Brow Lift will be different. We will be happy to advise you in our Brow Bars and show you what effect you can expect.
  • The products we use for Brow Lifting are approved for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, we recommend to wait with the lifting until after the pregnancy/breastfeeding period.
  • Certain diseases such as inflammation in the eyes can make a Brow Lift impossible, please contact us for details.
  • Certain other cosmetic treatments should not be done just before the lift, e.g. chemical peeling, vitamin A/retinoid treatments.
  • Before the treatment, a questionnaire must be filled out so that we can ensure that nothing stands in the way of a lift.
  • The eyebrows and eyelashes must not come into contact with anything for 24 hours after the lift.
  • No water, no steam, no sport/sweat
  • Do not touch
  • No cosmetic products (except Refectocil Styling Gel)
  • No direct sunlight, no self-tanner
  • We recommend to come for Brow Lifting in the morning if possible, because even pressure on the eyebrows while sleeping can have a negative effect.

Do you have any questions that are not listed here? You are welcome to arrange a free consultation with us or ask a question directly. We look forward to your message!

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Brow lifting effect before / after

Brow lifting effect before / after


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